M.U.S.E. offers free workshops several times a year. The band workshops are run by director Bryant Allard.  Bryant will conduct workshops in both the Portland, OR area and San Francisco bay area during the year.  Parents are not only encouraged to bring their child to these events but to stay and observe as well. For first year students, Bryant takes the students through a series of fun “games” that help make every child feel comfortable followed by fun techniques on “How to Practice” and note reading exercises. Your child will benefit immensely by participating in these workshops. For Intermediate and Advanced students,  Bryant works with the students to better understand  how important it is to be able to REALLY know and understand rhythms (not just guess). The goal of each session is to take a piece of music and explore all the details that, when executed properly, make the piece of music come alive and sound the way the composer intended it to.  Some of these details include dynamics, articulations, and phrasing. There is no cost to participate.  It’s included in the tuition you pay.

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Bryant Allard: Director of M.U.S.E.