Instrumental Music for Bay Area, Los Angeles, Portland area schools and Homeschooling Networks

Bryant Allard

Director and Founder of M.U.S.E

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M.U.S.E.  was established in 1986 by the current director of operations Bryant Allard. M.U.S.E. is in over 45 schools both in Portland and the San Francisco bay area offering quality music instruction in band, and in some schools, piano. There is no cost to the participating schools; payments are made directly to M.U.S.E. by the parents. The cost of these lessons are half what it costs to take privately and students have the added attraction of playing in a group setting (your school band) as well as participating in other events sponsored by M.U.S.E.  M.U.S.E. is currently expending its program to reach out to homeschooling networks and to offer more group piano lessons. If your school does not have M.U.S.E. and you are interested in the program for your school or homeschooling network, please talk to school administrators and contact us to discuss what steps to take to implement the program.

We are currently enrolling students and new schools for the fall of 2018.  Please use the links below to help you get information about our program. Some of the links are for this currently school year but will be relevant for 2018-2019. The cost of classes will remain the same-there are no increases for 2018-2019. If you are an experienced teacher and looking for a great teaching opportunity, please contact Bryant directly at

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